Understanding the Background of Home Karaoke System Setup

Since the beginning of 2020, the plague has continued to be tense. Everyone is staying at home and contributing to the fight against the Coronavirus.

You may want to express yourself by singing when you are feeling a bit down at home. Having a Home Karaoke System at home is a perfect idea to help

you to kill time. But before that, you will need to understand how Home Karaoke System works.

I believe that some of you may already have a sound system at home, but are they really suitable for karaoke?

This article will talk about what type of audio equipment is suitable for karaoke and what you need to set up a Home Karaoke System.

When we set up a home karaoke system, a microphone system is required in addition to speakers. Generally, microphones cannot be directly connected to the home audio system,

so it may need to be equipped with a karaoke processor to connect microphones to the audio system. However, ordinary home speakers are mainly designed for watching movies and music listening.

Using them to sing karaoke might reduce their lifespan and durability, leading to damage and deterioration of their audio quality.

Want to know if the sound system at home is suitable for singing karaoke?

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Audio Equipment Recommendations

If you want to sing professional-grade karaoke at home, you can refer to the following audio equipment recommendations, giving yourself an idea of what kind of equipment you need to buy for your karaoke setup at home.

1. Traditional Karaoke Sound System

The most common setup for home karaoke requires a karaoke machine, a microphone system, a karaoke processor with an amplifier or simply an all-in-one karaoke amplifier, a pair of karaoke loudspeakers and a subwoofer(optional).


A. Television  B. A pair of Karaoke Loudspeakers  C. A Subwoofer D. All-in-One Karaoke Amplifier  E. A Wireless Microphone System

2. Karaoke Soundbar System

Karaoke Soundbar System simplified the whole karaoke setup by combining Karaoke Loudspeakers, Subwoofer, Amplifier, Processor and Microphone System, all types of equipment into one.

Unlike the traditional karaoke sound system, it can save you more space, solve cumbersome device connections between equipments, and solve all the audio settings in one go.


A. Television  B. PartyHouse Soundbar 2.1  C. Included Subwoofer D. Intergrated Wireless Microphones x2

3. PA System

A PA System with the following pieces of equipment/features:

  • Mixer: Built-in to speaker/system or not required.
  • Loudspeakers: At least one, often capable of linking a second speaker.
  • Microphones: One or two standard dynamic microphones for voices. Some systems have built-in wireless features for connecting specific microphones.
  • Other: Both active loudspeakers and all-in-one systems might have EQ and level control.


A simple PA system with a single microphone and loudspeaker.

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