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AEXSOUND represents premium brands and high-performance products in home karaoke, Hong Kong. Our team is experienced home karaoke specialists who have undergone rigorous acoustical and video training and have a deep affection for music and high-end karaoke audio reproduction. We offer the best-in-class home karaoke audio products and services that can give you a karaoke experience beyond your imagination.

We are confident that the music and picture you experience with our products enable you to hear every single detail of the music and the texture of your voice, making you a quality yet professional singer. You can sound like a recording artist while partying anytime, anywhere with your family and friends.

Our Advantages

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Unmatched Experience & Knowledge

AEXSOUND, with over 30 years of home & commercial karaoke integrating experience. Our past projects include different government agencies, schools, multinational companies, entertainment venues and more; from the initial planning to construction & installation and the aftersale services, we have established a good reputation in the karaoke industry.

We appreciate that every project and room sonic characteristics are unique. Our customized acoustical design includes accurate placement of speakers, subwoofers and microphones. We also analyze the sound response with attention to specific room modes, phase alignment EQing and planning of room acoustic treatment in real-time. We assure you that every space we create for karaoke will be both acoustically and aesthetically stunning!

One-Stop Home Karaoke Audio Solution

We provide a one-stop full-service, seamless solutions in home karaoke projects from equipment specification, purchase, integration, design specifics, acoustics, configurations, installation to calibration and consulting services.

Whether you’re just fitting an existing room or designing/upgrading a home karaoke room as part of a new build or renovation anywhere in Hong Kong, we’re here to help. As karaoke specialists, we can help you choose products ranging from a budget-friendly karaoke audio system to a high-end karaoke audio system for a truly immersive audio-visual karaoke experience. We take pride in the premium quality products we carry and the unmatchable service we provide. We work with individuals and are also happy to collaborate with designers, architects and contractors of your choice.

Our Past Projects

Our Customers’ Reviews

Recommended! They not only provided a personalised karaoke solution that suits my budget & requirements but also gave excellent after-sales service and responsiveness.
Jack Leung, Home User
I am pleased by their honest opinion in catering to what I need and their customized acoustical design according to my space. I no longer need to travel but can invite families and friends to sing professional karaoke at my home anytime.
Katie Hui, Home User
I have just upgraded my karaoke setup from my old one bought from Taobao last year, and I get what I pay for! Overall, it sounds significantly better now, and this is definitely a worthy purchase!
Christopher Ng, Commercial User

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